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Mind, Body & Spirit

Transitional Healing

How to make change EASY in your life! Our Mission is to help you recognize life can be fun and easy without guilt!    Healing the body, as a whole, consists of more than any one thing. The body is nurtured, maintained & thrives by many means for completeness.  We encounter many obstacles on the life & health journey, even obstacles that are a part of our own belief system.  Allow me to assist you by

  • learning to embrace change as a part of evolving and growing
  • giving you support, guidance,​ and insight to your potential  
  • creating change within you  
  • being the compassion you have been seeking
  • the voice when you thought there was none  
  • the understanding to your challenge because I have been there  

Global Healer at your service. Yes, I can help you attain the freedom of guilt from any where. My services extend to all areas of the world! Call me today and let's embark on your journey to a daily life filled with easiness and endless fun, guilt free.  

What We Do

A Guiding Spirit

Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss. You can exercise as much as you'd like but if you are not eating healthy, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss, and vice versa. We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your goals. 

Whole Life Coaching

Our team is specialized in helping people overcome eating disorders such as food addiction, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and others. Our goal is to help you change the way you perceive food and fitness, and develop a positive body image. If you struggle with an eating disorder, you should  know that we believe clients can be recovered to live a healthy, happy life. 

Fulfillment Daily

Detoxing will clear out toxins from your body and give your digestive system a break to heal and restore naturally, before introducing new eating habits and food. Your mentality and how you view food will drastically alter how effective weight loss and detox will work. Our goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to food. 

Our Team

Denise Temple

Family Herbalist, Live Blood Analysis & Nutrition Health Consultant Denise Delahanty-Temple has been in the field of health for over 25 years.  She is a Family Herbalist, specializing in Nutritional Live Blood Analysis. She is a health advocate for her clients, guiding them on techniques that will add greater depth of 'whole' life and body happiness and longevity.  Her passion lies with enlightening and educating each client with their own ability of empowerment to live a balanced life, naturally! The base of her belief is that we all possess the ability to be in control of our fate especially regarding our 'whole' life health. Health encompasses our mind, our body and our spirit. Each of these elements working together to create the 'whole' and no one piece can be neglected without the 'whole' being effected.  

Like many health practitioners, Denise has had her own personal health journey that has lead her to want to help others. As a older teen and into her early college years, she suffered with debilitating chronic sinus infections. She had met a women who was a big nutritional advocate for a health company. This relationship introduced her to the support that can be yielded from nutritional supplementation. She gained responsive results from implementing supplements into her daily routine. She found that taking these nutritionals, she was able to keep the sinus infections from coming at each change of the seasons. However, if she slipped on her routine and missed too many days of supplementation, the dreaded sinus infection came back with a vengeance.  Of course, this unpleasantry pushed her to want to learn more about this whole dietary influence on her health. And so the educational journey began. 

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